What’s your “guess what”?

When you’re entering a business award, you want to leave the judges with a “guess what” in their mind when they’ve read your entry.

The “guess what” is the thing they’ll be telling their family about your business over the dinner table tonight or sharing with their friends over drinks at the pub.

It’s the thing that makes you stand out from everyone else.

Guess what, this award entry is from the first woman in Britain to do (insert stereotypically-male job.)”

Guess what, this businesswoman does (insert really quirky thing that’s part of your business) – did you even know that was a job?!”

Guess what, this woman has solved (insert problem that many people wouldn’t realise existed) – isn’t that great?”

If you can start your award entry with a “guess what” (you don’t have to literally write the words “guess what” of course) then it’s more likely to stick in the judges’ minds and be considered for the shortlist.

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