Wait! Don’t type your award entry!

Last night things didn’t go to plan.

I was trying to upload an award entry – but half way through the award website crashed.

I lost everything I’d written.

Luckily, the client was organised enough to have finalised everything 48 hours before the award deadline, so I was able to wait until this morning when the website was working.

Also luckily, I’d saved all the written entry (several thousand words) into a Word document before adding it to the website. So I was able to start again with uploading the wording this morning.

NEVER type your award entry directly into an awards website. One technical glitch your end or theirs and you’ve lost hours or days of hard work.

And try to get your entry finalised at least a couple of days before the deadline: it’s not unusual for award websites to be really slow or have technical issues as lots of people rush to enter at the last minute.

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